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Asset integrity

Asset integrity is related to the prevention of major incidents.

We support our clients in preventing unplanned hydrocarbon releases that may, either directly or via escalation, result in a major incident. Structural failure or marine events may also be initiating causes that escalate to become a major incident.

Integrated operations

IO enables collaboration between people and organizations across national borders and oceans ...

We provide user-friendly systems integrated into our customers’ existing software solutions.

Seabed to surface

From seabed to surface operations within a platform jacket structure is not a job for beginners.

We possess the best systems and expertise in the platform close underwater operations.

Drilling and wells

Challenges are related to increasing complexity in the wells, with greater requirements related to technology and competence.

We support our clients in monitoring and documenting the integrity of the barriers.

News & Events


Nansen Niskin bottle for MicroROV

[NO] Ved å bruke en liten ROV og utstyr utviklet av Stinger Technology, kan vi ta vannprøver som tidligere ikke var mulig. [EN] By using a small ROV and equipment developed by Stinger Technology, we can take water samples that previously were not possible.


Nano`s first sea trials

Stinger Technology AS operates a fleet of small ROV's, and had to design our own Nano ROV for a specific survey inside a subsea tank for storing produced oil. The Nano ROV had to be small enough to swim through 10 inch pipes and operate in rough North Sea conditions. We took the challenge, and here is the result.


Environmental sediment sampling

A sediment sampler for environmental investigations inspired by the design of Simon Hills, a VideoRay agent in Cambridge Tasmania. The Stinger modification enables the ROV to pick up the sampler from a toolbox underwater and document the “scoop” sampling using the on-board ROV video camera.

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Subsea Leak Detection System

Subsea Leak Detection capabilities include monitoring increased concentrations of dissolved gas, from the smallest seepage to significant plumes of bubbles. The objective is to provide an early warning of conditions which may develop into critical leaks. System has been developed in corporation with leading expertise from the industry.

For more info: Bjarte Langeland (+47) 915 71 819

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Enviromental Studies

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a powerful software tool for mapping and visualize leak situations in a underwater environment. Results from simulations are important to optimize placement and installation of sensors. Data from such studies will also provide guidance in connection with drilling and operations in environment sensitive areas.

For more info: Helle A Botnen (+47) 924 83 073

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