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Subsea monitoring

Asset integrity is related to the prevention of major incidents.

We support our clients in preventing unplanned hydrocarbon releases that may, either directly or via escalation, result in a major incident. Structural failure or marine events may also be initiating causes that escalate to become a major incident.

Integrated operations

IO enables collaboration between people and organizations across national borders and oceans ...

We provide user-friendly systems integrated into our customers’ existing software solutions.

ROV services

From seabed to surface operations within a platform jacket structure is not a job for beginners.

We possess the best systems and expertise in the platform close underwater operations.

Drilling and wells

Challenges are related to increasing complexity in the wells, with greater requirements related to technology and competence.

We support our clients in monitoring and documenting the integrity of the barriers.

News & Events


Remora @ Ocean 2017

Artificial intelligence in an autonomous net cleaning robot. More information; Leiv Midthassel +47 95996888 or Bjarte Langeland +47 91571819.


Contract award

Stinger is proud to have been awarded a contract by NOV providing instrumentation, power and communication solutions for the inshore full-scale testing of the subsea water injection Seabox™ module.


Success of the month

We are very proud to announce that Stinger ROV operation from Gina Krog was selected to be “Success of the month” by Statoil IMR Subsea Services internal newsletter. The credit for this must first and foremost be given to the management from Statoil and Stinger crew who delivered above and beyond what was expected.

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Subsea reservoir monitoring system

Subsea Leak Detection capabilities include monitoring increased concentrations of dissolved gas, from the smallest seepage to significant plumes of bubbles. The objective is to provide an early warning of conditions which may develop into critical leaks. System has been developed in corporation with leading expertise from the industry.

For more info: Bjarte Langeland (+47) 915 71 819

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Mother-Daughter ROV

Testing a unique mother- daughter ROV system to investigate and sample sediments in the most challenging spaces and waters. Includes Mother ROV, Sister and little sister ROV`s, TMS system for the sisters and Tool box including various sampling Tools. Video from the acceptance testing:

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